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Somerset County Community Band

The Somerset County Community Band, under the direction of Dan Croft.

Boswell Borough 100 year Centennial plaque

Plaque presented by the State of Pennsylvania to Boswell borough on the occasion of their 100 year anniversary, 1904 - 2004

Orenda Park plaque showing donors and friends of BAHS

Listing of people who donated for the various trees, bushes and items in the park

Lenny Lichvar, President of BAHS

Our Emcee was Lenny Lichvar at the Orenda Park concert on the evening of August 6, 2004.


Jay and Connie Volk

The folks responsible for overseeing the planting of trees in Boswell. Jay was the Project Chairman, and a member of the Borough Council.

New Life Church of the Nazarene

Reverand Randy Dillon. The church is located at 878 Main Street in Boswell

Church of God, Boswell

Reverand Gregory Stouffer. The church is located at 623 Main Street in Boswell

All Saints Parish Hall and CCD Center

This is the site of what was the Irish church of many years ago. The facility is located at 501 Center Street in Boswell.

All Saints Church

Formerly Saint Stanislaus church, and also known as the Polish church. Sits at the top of the hill on Quemahoning Street. Pastor is Father Daniel Fink The church is located at 325 Quemahoning Street in Boswell

St Andrews Evangelical Lutheran church

Lay Minister Larry Hoover. The church is located at 500 Main Street in Boswell.

The residents of Greystone House

These are the people that have been working hard over the past two years in cleaning up and then maintaining Orenda Park. Adelophi Inc., 537 Linclon Highway, Boswell

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Reverand Bruce Maxwell, pastor. The church is located at 327 Allegheny Street

Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor plaque erected in Orenda Park

Olga Herbert, Executive. This is a new sign in the park

Outstanding Community Service plaque

This is the plaque that a grateful Boswell Centennial Committee presented to Larry Hemminger of Stoystown, Pennsylvania on the occasion of the Centennial celebration at Orenda Park, August 6th, 2004

Larry Hemminger and his wife, Georgia

Larry and his wife at the Orenda Park celebrations. The plaque was presented by Lenny Lichvar, President of the Boswell Area Historical Society