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The Boswell Area Historical Society logo was designed by Roger Williams, a Senior at North Star High School in 1994. He is the son of James and Sharon Williams, Jennerstown, Pennsylvania. Our town celebrated it's Centennial on August 6, 7, and 8 of 2004 with picnics, a parade, fireworks, and bingo...also lots of good food. You can read more about us by clicking on the History tab...enjoy!!

The Boswell Heritage Center is located at 326 Main Street in Boswell, PA 15531. Tel: 814 629-5945



President: Lenny Lichvar

Vice President: Dorothy Ferre

Treasurer: Yvonne M. Donahue

Rec. Secretary: Judith Ann Ferre

Membership Dorothy Ferre

Co-editors: Phyllis Ickes

Layout & Design: Christopher Ickes

Curator: Dorothy Ferre

Collator: Dorothy Ferre


We have approximately 500 members from almost every state in the Union. Dues for the year are $10.00 per person, or $15.00 for a couple. Lifetime memberships are $150.00 per person. Mail checks to: BAHS, c/o Dorothy Ferre, Membership Chairman, 700 Center Street, Boswell, PA 15531-1109


Our newsletter is published and distributed to our members four times a year. Our new BAHS Heritage Center is located at 326 Main Street in Boswell. It was formerly Dan's Diner...that's in the old days of Boswell! Phyllis Ickes and her son, Christopher Ickes,  and Anita Sheftic are responsible for putting out the newsletter.

Pictured left to right, Lenny Lichvar, President of BAHS, Squire Ickes and wife Phyllis, Andrea Policicchio, Dorothy Ferre, LuAnn Gore, Karen Trenner and Faye Trainer. Karen and Faye are the daughters of Homer and Florence Warnick. They graciously donated the family's house to the Boswell Area Historical Society, after the death of their mother, who was an ardent and active supporter of BAHS.




Boswell Borough obtained a $5,000 grant through the efforts of the Kiski Basin Initiativeand planted 150 Royal Maple trees along the main thoroughfares of the borough. Project chairman Jay Volk contacted the SCI-Laurel Highlands Community Work Program for assistance with the planting. Tom Lisbon and Joe Zoodie, borough employees also assisted.




The Boswell Area Historical Society has received the Joseph H. Hoffman Memorial Community Service Award  by the Boswell Area Jaycees for their significant contributions to the Boswell area. Pictured, left to right are; Mike Novak, Mike Blucas, Phyllis Ickes, LuAnn Gore, Dorothy Ferre, Andrea Policicchio, and Lenny Lichvar.




For further information on joining, obtaining copies of the newsletters, or any of the merchandise currently available, contact:

        Lenny Lichvar at: Lennyll@yahoo.com, or phone (814) 629-7283

        Phyllis Ickes at: phyllis@ickesoffice.com , or phone (814) 629-9161

        Dorothy Ferre at:  dotdj700@yahoo.com , or phone (814) 629-5945

        Yvonne Donahue at: phone (814) 629-5971

        Webmaster at: rhardesty@boswellpa.com



  You may also be interested in these other historical societies;

Hooversville Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 185, Hooversville, PA 15936

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Penny Sopich's Beauty Shop.  She too has a collection of artifacts and over a hundred pictures for viewing at 402 Mississippi Street, Boswell.  Phone 814-629-6972

North Star Equipment, 301 Atkinson Way, Boswell  has a collection of artifacts and pictures for viewing?  Phone 814-629-6477